John Bain.

Anglesey’s Fastest Easter Egg Racing.

I have always said that anyone racing a bike in any way is a superhero to me and having been a follower of Anglesey’s Fastest Easter Egg for quite some time on social media it was only recently that this particular hero’s mask slipped to reveal the man, the myth, the legend that is John Bain.

Picture courtesy of John Bain.

One of the rare breed of riders that are equally at home on short circuits and the unforgiving roads John has been pinning the throttle now for 14 years, having started out racing a couple of events a year on machinery that was begged, borrowed or…… erm begged and borrowed (no need for further enquiries) he is now setting his sights on a full season in the ultra competitive testing ground of the Thundersport GB championship onboard his beautiful Gary Gittins tuned Suzuki SV650 which he will also be blasting around the mountain course once again at the Manx GP.

John is also currently building up a FZR750 for the classic superbike category and I am sure he’ll be pushing 100% to have it ready and under the famous arch before he and it get ‘the tap’ and drop off the edge of the world down Bray Hill in August.

John is also the first rider that will be sporting a visor decal on ‘the roads’ in 2019 and I am very proud that he has chosen to do that for us. As with all self-funded riders there is always room for a little help and if you feel you could help or want to get involved in either circuit or road racing then I am sure the ‘Egg’ would be delighted to hear from you. You can also follow his adventures over on his FB page Anglesey’s Fastest Easter Egg Racing.

Picture courtesy of OTTpix via John Bain.

We would once again lie to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the Magnificent 7 / Amazing 10 and we wish them all a fast, safe and trophy laden season. Over on our ‘News’ page you will be able to keep up to date with all their ups and downs as the year unfolds.