Sam Grief

We are absolutely delighted to welcome Sam into the fold and I have to say what a likeable guy he really is.

Sam gets airborne for the camera. (Image courtesy of Sam Grief)

Sam, 21 from Derby did, like almost all racers, start young getting his first bike by the age of 5 and after nearly ten years of ‘messing about’ on dirt he, with the aid and support of his Dad decided to take to the tarmac. Over the course of the next few years Sam set about collecting numerous titles including the prestigious FIM European Classic Championship.

In 2018 Sam was able to follow his dreams of “Real Road Racing” when he was accepted to prepare for the tap on the shoulder that would see him off down Bray Hill in the Manx Grand Prix and the famous roads of the TT mountain Course.

A lot of years of hard work have gone in to this, especially in the up run to the events with Sam’s dad feverishly at work to get the Honda 250 ready for action whilst still maintaining privateer status. As with the TT the Manx Grand Prix begins with a full week of practice which was unfortunately curtailed by bad weather, qualifying was held on the Saturday and despite the lack of time on the Mountain Circuit Sam only went and qualified in 1st place and from a stand start to boot!In the race Sam sat quite comfortably in the top 5 during the 4 lap race and on the final lap he began to put the hammer down only for his chain to snap with only 16 miles to the chequered flag.

Sam in action last year.

2019 will be Sam’s busiest and biggest to date as he races his Moto3 machine for a full season of National Race Racing meetings in Ireland where he will be partnering with renowned racer Paul Robinson. Over on the Isle of Man Sam will be entering his Yamaha R6 in the highly regarded Senior Manx Grand Prix as well as his Honda RS250 in the Dunlop Lightweight Classic TT. Sam will also be competing in some short circuit races in the UK, if he has time!!