Help me to fill the 2020 scrapbook.

Posted by Jake Causier on July 6th, 2020

The year that should have been an absolute ground breaker for me after 5 years of toil, learning, improving, pestering and I'm quite sure very annoying letters, emails and phone calls to Gary and Neil at the ACU, the big 150-600 had finally been calibrated for the very first time to the camera and I was ready to go (Just like everyone single one of you were). And then....

2019's scrapbook was completely filled to the brim with personal stories, accomplishments, program adverts and all the other bits and pieces that made it such a memorable year for both myself and everyone that made it possible, it's something that I hope my boys will look back on and know for sure that anything is possible despite perceived disabilities or, more importantly, the abilities that we all possess within.

So I need to fill this 2020 scrapbook up and I'm asking all of my racing friends to think about sending me any stickers that they may have spare, anything and everything accepted with grateful thanks and hopefully I can at least fill the scrapbook if I can't actually make any other impact this year.

Thanks guys, Chris.