Rider interviews - Jon Beck.

Posted by Jake Causier on May 18th, 2020

Jon is another of the Welsh contingent that are helping me spread the word and hails from Aberangell, 2019 was his first full season of racing onboard a pair of Honda CBR600'S. You can keep up to date with Jon's racing adventures on his dedicated Facebook page Pocket Money Racing.

Q1 - Race number? 111 - Pocketmoney Racing.

Q2 - Club / Championship? First full season was with Crewe & South Cheshire (Tonfanau) in Steel frame 600 but got convinced to join Preston & District Motorcycle Club (PDMCC) in both the Steelframe 600 and Pre-Injection championships as technical learning. (I wasn't disappointed!)

Q3 - Class / Classes? With PDMCC Steelframe championship & Pre-Injection championship. With C&SC / Tonfanau Steelframe 600.

Q4 - Debut? My local track on 26/08/2018 (the final round at Tonfanau) in the typical piss poor Welsh weather.

Q5 - Honours / Titles? Ummmm, I don't have any. I've still got my stabilizers on! Last year I managed 4th overall Steelframe 600 (Crewe & South Cheshire 2019), 11th overall Steelframe championship (PDMCC 2019) and 26th overall Pre-Injection championship (PDMCC 2019).

Q6 - Favourite circuit & Favourite corner? Castle Combe, Quarry when I did my ACU test but for the 2 tracks I've raced on so far Three Sisters and Lunar.

Q7 - Boyhood Heroes? Colin McRae, everyone wanted to be the magical driver that he was. Mr Blobby, I have the body of the chubby pink blob and my Dad for everything he has taught me and continues to teach me through life.

Q8 - Toughest rival? All of them. They're all just SO fast, give a guy a chance once in a while. Just a bit of false hope will do for now.....

Q9 - If I could swap places with any other rider? Peter Hickman. I'd like to see what it's like completing a record lap of the TT and my life flash before my eyes!

Q10 - Biggest accident? Starting racing haha! It's addictive like a bad drug.

Q11 - Biggest influence on your career so far? My parents for raising me as a bike lover. Riding a bike is the answer to everything! They've supported me from the beginning but most of all my dad for taking me to Tonfanau. This then led me to meeting Martin Clare who is another big influence, as I met him he rode a CBR f3 (the same bike as my road bike) and it took all of 5 seconds to convince me to get on the track! Let's also not forget all the 'steelie' boys and the others I've met along the way who continue to influence me to this day.

Q12 - Rossi or Marquez? Marquez! He's just magical on that machine.

Q12a - If I wasn't racing I would be? Doing some other outrageous thing that costs a lot of money and lets off steam, most likely rallying.

Q14 - Nickname? Usually a load of curse words by most people but Chubz to my family.

Q15 - If money were no object I would? Without a doubt have BOATS & HOES and most likely have loads of land for a track, a lot of bikes to try and ride or just land and some off-roaders to get stuck in the mud.

Q16 - Brown or Red sauce, Coke or Pepsi? Red on my Maccies breakfast wrap every time, Coke with Jack or Pepsi on its own.

Q17 - If I could be one person for one day I would be? Thor so I could be the God of thunder!! And smash my enemies with a hammer.

Q18 - Cost to race per season? Too much! but you can't put a price on fun. 3-4k.

Q19 - Dream bike? I've always wanted a Ducati Panigale v4 but it would probably kill me!.

Q20 - Training regime (Gym rat or bike fit)? Gym rat all the time, I love my food so I need to burn those calories some how, lifting heavy shit is my thing! Do I look like a man that runs?

Q21 - Dogs or Cats? Dogs all day every day. Cats are just evil little creatures that want to try and rule the world!

Q22 - From October to March I can be found doing? Usually moaning and breaking things on the bikes as I try to prepare for next season. But also eating, I mean winter is bulking season after all.

Q23 - Dry track, wet track or not fussed? Not fussed, I'm slow on both but I'd rather not get wet whilst being slow.

Q24 - Best ever race? Final round of the Steelframe championship with PDMCC when I finally felt faster and wasn't too far behind!

Q25 - Special thanks to? My Dad (Graham Beck), none of this would be possible without his help and support. Martin Clare for introducing me to the joys of racing and helping me with all aspects, seriously he's a top bloke. Big up to all the 'steelie' boys who are always willing to support and help each other. And of course all my sponsors, Pipe Werx, Hel Performance and Chris Swinton 2W's Blind Photography.

Thanks to Jon for agreeing to help fill the space where racing should be and lockdown continues, and for also putting in a vote for Marquez!

Next up is another Welshman in the shape of Tony Griffiths.