Rider interviews - Liam Whiteley.

Posted by Jake Causier on May 14th, 2020

The 24 year old is lucky enough to call the Isle of Man home and currently competes with the Preston & District Motorcycle Club and has big dreams moving forward.

Q! - Race number? 32 for the ACU (This was the number issued from my first race) & 3 for my pit bike (The number came with my first pit bike and just stuck).

Q2 - Club / Championship? Preston & District Motorcycle Club (PDMCC) / 125 Streetstock.

Q3 - Class / Classes? 125 Streetstock.

Q4 - Debut? My first ever race debut was with the British Mini-Bikes on a hired bike back in 2017 at Teesside Autodrome near Middlesbrough (Late started I know but better late than never!) Previous to this I had ridden mini-moto's on practice tracks byt never actually got round to racing them. It wasn't until I could afford to go racing that it really started for me which was 2017.

Q5 - Honours / Titles? Chinese Asia Streetstock Champion.

Q6 - Favourite circuit & Favourite corner? Rowrah Kart Circuit in Cumbria and the first three corners which is a chicane that's on top of a rise, tricky to get right as the second corner which is a left is unsighted and you can easily run over the kerb which then would put you too tight for the third.

Q7 - Boyhood heroes? Has got to be Guy Martin, followed him ever since his early days in BSB. My main areas of interest are British Superbikes and the Isle of Man TT; one of the reasons I moved to the island in 2018 and with my long term goal to compete at the Manx Grand Prix on the mountain course.

Q8 - Toughest rival? Don't really have one as have not really many battles to write home about in my short time racing so far, but I am sure I will come across a few in years to come!

Q9 - If I could swap places with any other rider? I wouldn't swap with anyone as I prefer to keep things in perspective. Obviously a ride in BSB and participating on the roads i.e. NW200 and IOMTT would be the ultimate. But realistically for me though and in order to improve myself, would be an all expenses paid ride in the BEMSEE Senior Ninja Cup. Just turn up and ride, I think that will be the next step as well as doing round at Three Sisters with PDMCC and help further my race craft.

Q10 - Biggest accident? First race meeting at Teesside, went over the right hander over the top of the hill out of the back of the circuit on cold tyres, literally chucked her on her side and went for it and BOOM! Next thing I know I'm sliding down the track on my side and I have a tyre right in front of my visor, how I didn't get run over I don't know but fair play to the lad for missing me. Typical novice mistake!

Q11 - Biggest influence on your career so far? Probably Guy Martin as he's working class and had to work to pay for his racing like myself and keeps fit by getting out on his bike and he's pretty down to earth.

Q12 - Rossi or Marquez? Rossi.

Q12a - If I wasn't racing I would be? Co-driving in a special stage rally, if I'm not racing I'm rallying!

Q14 - Nickname? Probably Bearface, it has stuck since high school as everyone used to think I looked like a bear.

Q15 - If money were no object I would? I would have 2 NSF250 Moto3 bikes, standard would do, cannot be greedy! One in the UK and one over here on the island, so I can be riding one at every possible chance with a view to competing on them at the Manx Grand Prix.

Q16 - Brown or Red sauce, Coke or Pepsi? Red sauce and oooo that is a tough one, probably Pepsi Max, depends on my mood.

Q17 - If I could be one person for one day I would be? Got to be Guy Martin, from where he has come to what he has achieved fair play, I think I could learn a lot within that day too.

Q18 - Cost to race per season? To be honest I haven't really calculated it really as it is just a case of pay as you go at the moment. Plus, with racing Streetstock it does keep the costs to a minimum, the biggest thing for me is transport off the island as that's the first cost to any weekend.

Q19 - Dream bike? For myself short term either a RC390 or Ninja 300. In the long term probably a fully tricked up NSF250 Moto3 or SV650 with a standard motor in readiness for the Manx Grand Prix, standard means less to go wrong!

Q20 - Training regime (Gym rat or bike fit)? Do not really tend to do either, do tend to go training with the local football club for overall fitness and I like to get out on my mountain bike.

Q21 - Cats or Dogs? Cats.

Q22 - From October to March I can be found doing? Again, it would be rallying, forest events tend to pick up off-season so really, I suppose I never stop. It's just motorsport, motorsport, motorsport, two wheels or four. Summer is spent on two and winter on four. Also spending extra time with my little one and helping the Mrs with her horse and carriage driving.

Q23 - Dry track, wet track or not fussed? Not fussed, dry track you stay dry and have no cleaning up to do or drying to do afterwards. But a wet track sets the cat amongst the pigeons and is a true leveller.

Q24 - Best race? A wet race at Three Sisters in 2018, got a great start and was running right up the front in which, I got my best finish to date, think it was fifth or sixth.

Q25 - Special thanks to? Definitely has to go to my mum and dad. Without them I would not be able to go racing, with me moving to the Isle of Man and spending pretty much most of my days working to pay for racing and either organising travel or actually travelling to events I don't have time to prep my bikes. Therefore, my dad does the prep work and gets the bike ready then my mum comes along to the race meetings to help out where she can.

Big thanks to Liam for have a crack at the questions and putting a marker down for cats!

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